Keith Hickman

Show Schedule




​​​​​​​​​​​4-5-24   Merion Gardens   Carneys Point, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

4-5-24  The Woodlands   Wilkes Barre, PA   8pm   PRIVATE

4-6-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

4-10-24   The Heritage   Hammonton, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

4-11-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

4-12-24   Brandywine Brandall   Linwood, NJ   3pm   PRIVATE

4-13-24   Balic Winery   Mays Landing, NJ   12:30pm   

4-13-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

4-16-24   OC Senior Center   Ocean City, NJ   11:30am   PRIVATE

4-17-24   Health Center At Galloway   Galloway, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

4-19-24   Brandywine   Haddonfield, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

4-20-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

4-24-24   Woodbury Mews   Woodbury, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

4-25-24   Genesis   Millville, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

4-26-24   North Cape Center   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

4-27-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

4-28-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   2pm

4-29-24  Cumberland Manor   Bridgeton, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-3-24   Bella Terra   Jackson, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-4-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

5-6-24   Red Bank Rehab   Red Bank, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-7-24   Bishop McCarthy   Vineland, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

5-8-24   Spring Oak   Toms River, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-9-24   Complete Care Bey Lea   Toms River, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-10-24   Autumn Lake   Oceanview, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-11-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

5-12-24   Rose Garden   Toms River, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-15-24   New Standard   Egg Harbor, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

5-16-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-17-24   Sea Isle VFW   Sea Isle City, NJ   7pm

5-18-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

5-22-24   Vineland Veterans Home   Vineland, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-23-24   Pelican Point   Cape May, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

5-24-24   Woodbury Mews   Woodbury, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-25-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

5-26-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   2pm

5-27-24  Vineland Veterans Home   Vineland, NJ   11:30pm   PRIVATE

5-27-24  Meadowview   Pleasantville, NJ   2:15pm   PRIVATE

5-29-24  Brandywine Reflections   Brick, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

5-30-24   Complete Care Marcella   Burlington, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

5-30-24   Owens Pub   North Wildwood, NJ   8pm

5-31-24   Brookdale   Evesham, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

6-1-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

6-4-24   Genesis   Millville, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

6-6-24   Allaire Care   Wall, NJ   10:45am   PRIVATE

6-7-24   Terraces At Seacrest   Little Egg Harbor, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

​6-8-24  Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

6-12-24   Somers Place   Somers Point, NJ   6pm   PRIVATE

6-13-24   Washington Twp. Senior Living   Sewell, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

6-14-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

6-14-24  Sea Isle VFW   Sea Isle City, NJ   7pm

6-15-24  Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

6-17-24   Woodbury Mews   Woodbury, NJ   3pm   PRIVATE

6-18-24   Cumberland Manor   Bridgeton, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

6-19-24   Vineland Veterans Home   Vineland, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

6-19-24    Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   5pm

6-20-24   Brookdale   CMCH, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

6-21-24   Brandywine   Haddonfield, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

6-22-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

6-27-24  Voorhees Senior Living   Voorhees, NJ   3pm   PRIVATE

6-28-24  Pelican Pointe   Cape May, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

6-29-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

6-30-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   2pm

7-3-24   Autumn Lake   Ocean View, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

7-4-24  Meadowview   Pleasantville, NJ   2:15pm   PRIVATE

7-5-24   Brookdale   Evesham, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

7-6-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

7-9-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury Ocean City, NJ   10am

7-10-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   5pm

7-11-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

7-12-24   Bella Terra   Jackson, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

7-13-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

7-16-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

7-17-24   New Standard SL   Egg Harbor, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

7-18-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

7-18-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

7-19-24   Sea Isle VFW   Sea Isle City, NJ   7pm

7-20-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

7-23-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

7-25-24  Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

7-26-24   Brandywine Brandall   Linwood, NJ   3pm   PRIVATE

7-27-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

​7-28-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   2pm

7-29-24   Bishop McCarthy   Vineland, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

7-30-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-1-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-1-24   Complete Care Bey Lea   Toms River, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

8-2-24   Complete Care The Havens   Toms River, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

8-3-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

8-6-24  Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ  10am

8-7-24   Rose Garden   Toms River, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

8-7-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   5pm

8-8-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-9-24   Deptford Center   Deptford, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

8-10-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

8-13-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-13-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

8-14-24   Cumberland Manor   Bridgeton, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

8-15-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-15-24   Washington Twp. Senior Living   Sewell, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

8-16-24   Brandywine   Haddonfield, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

8-16-24   Sea Isle VFW   Sea Isle City, NJ   7pm

8-17-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

8-20-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-22-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-22-24   Owens Pub   North Wildwood, NJ   8pm

8-23-24   Pelican Pointe   Cape May, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

8-24-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

8-25-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   2pm

8-27-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-29-24   Ta Dah   9th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   10am

8-29-24   Genesis   Millville, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

8-30-24   Woodbury Mews   Woodbury, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

8-31-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

9-2-24   Meadowview   Pleasantville, NJ   2:15pm   PRIVATE

9-7-24  Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

9-11-24   OC Senior Center   Ocean City, NJ   11:30am   PRIVATE

9-11-24   Natali Vineyards   CMCH, NJ   5pm

9-12-24   Brookdale   CMCH, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

9-13-24   Sea Isle VFW   Sea Isle City, NJ   7pm

9-14-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

9-18-24   New Standard   Egg Harbor, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

9-19-24  Bishop McCarthy   Vineland, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

9-20-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

9-21-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

9-23-24  Woodbury Mews   Woodbury, NJ   3pm   PRIVATE

9-24-24   Brandywine Reflections   Brick, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

9-27-24   Brandywine Brandall   Linwood, NJ   3pm   PRIVATE

9-28-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

10-2-24   Complete Care Havens   Toms River, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-3-24   Complete Care Bey Lea   Toms River, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-4-24   North Cape Center   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-5-24   OC Block Party  14th & Asbury  Ocean City, NJ   11am

10-5-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

10-8-24   New Standard   Millville, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-11-24   Autumn Lake   Ocean View, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-12-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

10-14-24   Vineland Veterans Home   Vineland, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-17-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-18-24   Brookdale   Evesham, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

10-19-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

10-23-24  Health Center At Galloway   Galloway, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

10-24-24   Pelican Pointe   Cape May, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

10-25-24   Meadowview   Pleasantville, NJ   2:15pm   PRIVATE

10-26-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

10-30-24   New Standard   Egg Harbor, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

10-31-24   Brandywine   Haddonfield, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-2-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

11-8-24   Brandywine Reflections   Brick, NJ   1:30pm   PRIVATE

11-8-24   Brandywine Gables   Brick, NJ   3pm   PRIVATE

11-9-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

11-11-24   Vineland Veterans Home   Vineland, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-14-24   Victoria Commons   Cape May, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-15-24   Bella Terra   Jackson, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-16-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

11-19-24   Bishop McCarthy   Vineland, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

11-21-24   Brookdale   CMCH, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-22-24  Woodbury Mews   Woodbury, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-23-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm

11-25-24   Pelican Pointe   Cape May, NJ   2:30pm   PRIVATE

11-27-24   Red Bank Rehab   Red Bank, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-28-24   Vineland Veterans Home   Vineland, NJ   2pm   PRIVATE

11-29-24   OC City Hall   Ocean City, NJ   1pm

11-30-24   Duffinetti's Restaurant   Wildwood, NJ   6pm